Pi Beta Phi
Arizona State University

About Our Chapter
A Letter From Our Chapter President:

Growing up in Iowa, I had no idea what to expect coming to ASU. The decision was not easy. I spent my freshman year trying to learn the in's and out's of college life. I'd done my fair share of research on Greek Life, however, I wasn't ready to rush and felt like getting my feet on the ground was more important at the time, considering I'd just moved across the country to a place I'd visited a total of two times. Turns out, not rushing my freshman year was a huge mistake. Going through recruitment my sophomore year, I was pleasantly surprised to find comfort in the chaos when I walked into a flowery room full of incredibly accomplished women who spoke to me about their feats, defeats, and experiences as college women. I remember having nightmares about falling flat on my face walking into a recruitment round, but sitting in that room, that very first day, I recall thinking that if I had lost my grace and fallen face first, I wouldn't have been laughed at, but helped back up to my feet instead. That was the moment I knew that I wanted to be a Pi Phi. Since that watershed moment, I have grown to be someone that my freshman self wouldn't even recognize. Almost all of which I owe to this organization. The women I've met through Pi Phi are the most reliable, intelligent, sweet, strong, and motivated individuals I have ever had the pleasure of being around. I am truly inspired every day by at least one of them. Being elected Chapter President has been an incredible honor. I've watched myself grow into a woman that is a mosaic of bits and pieces of every other woman in the chapter, and I couldn't be more proud. I never thought I would be the woman I am today. A woman that is unafraid to speak in fromt of 250 people, confident in every decision I make, capable of making a difference in the lives of others, excited about volunteerism, and most importantly a woman that has so many friendships that will without a doubt last a lifetime. I owe it to Pi Phi for all of these things. I am eternally grateful for all that this chapter has given me and I am proud to say I have fallen face first many times now and have not once been left without a hand and a hug to get me back on my feet.

Forever Indebted,

Danica Barker

Chapter President