Pi Beta Phi
Arizona State University

A Letter From Our Vice President of Philanthropy 

Hello everyone! My name is Brooke Carney and I am the Vice President of Philanthropy for Pi Beta Phi at Arizona State. I love our philanthropy so much because everything we do is hands on, which has given our members a special bond with the students. It's such a powerful moment when you walk into a classroom and the children recognize you and come up to you running, giving you big hugs and talk about their pets, lives, and other things that may seen small, but to them that bond has a huge impact on their personal lives. I also love seeing their growth in reading from visit to visit becasue the timeline from start to finish is really remarkable. It's those moments when that "lightbulb" goes off in your student's head that is really special. Read>Lead>Achieve has positively affected our chapter and myself in different ways but that's the best part about this philanthropy. The ability to give hundreds of unique and meaningful experiences from one to the next! Being apart of this philanthropy has given me so much happiness becasue we are able to make a change in our local community and I hope you can see that change too.

Pi Phi Love & Mine,

Brooke Carney

Vice President of Philanthropy



Our main fundraiser is in the fall and is called Arrowspike. It is comprised of a huge volleyball tournament that fraternities and other ASU students/clubs participate in. Last year we raised over $8,000 from this philanthropy alone! Arrowspike is beneficial in many ways because it creates awareness in the community of the importance of literacy, as well as raise money for our Foundation. The money we raise from Arrowspike benefits local literacy projects as well as our Foundation.   

Champions Are Readers

Every year, we have our annual Champions Are Readers philanthropy event in the spring semester. This year, our members partnered with the Pi Beta Phi Phoenix Alumnae Club and volunteered at Brunson Lee Elementary School in Central Phoenix. Our members dedicated weekly hours during the whole month of February to promote literacy within our community!

Pi Beta Phi's Phinest

In the Spring, we hold our annual Pi Phi's Phinest competition, an original philanrthropy created by one of our very own Arizona Beta sisters! This event was designed in efforts to promote literacy throughout our campus by selecting a group of men interested in representing our organization's philanthropy by raising money towards Read>Lead>Achieve and making ASU students aware of how many children are illterate in America and how they can help our community. This competition is open to the public and includes a speed read, talent portion, Pi Phi trivia, and monetary donation portions that all support and promote our philanthropic initiative.