Pi Beta Phi
Arizona State University

Recruitment Schedule

Round 1: August 25-26

Round 2: August 31st & September 1st

Round 3: September 2nd

Round 4: September 3rd

Bid Day: September 4th

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If you have any questions regarding Recruitment, feel free to contact our Vice President of Membership, Amanda Wade at azbetavpm@gmail.com

A Letter From Our Vice President of Membership:

Hi, my name is Amanda Wade and it is my greatest honor to serve as the Vice President of Membership of the Arizona Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi! As I enter into my junior year here at Arizona State, my appreciation for this organization has grown immensely. I am thankful everyday that I found my home in Pi Beta Phi and am so humbled and excited to serve in this position. My passion for Pi Phi, shines through as I am able to share my love and appreciation that has grown for this chapter over the last three years. Pi Phi is more than just an organization for me, it tru;y has transformed me and I can't thank Pi Phi enough for helping me become a better daughter, sister, friend, leader, and woman. Pi Phi has helped me gain leadership skills, serve the community, and find the best friends that I could ever ask for. Our chapter prides itself on our close sisterhood, a supportive community, which is something that extends far beyond our college years. I highly encourage everyone to go through recruitment with an open mind and positive attitude to find their home in Greek Life. Recruitment is once in a lifetime experience, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns! I am so excited for our Fall 2018 Recruitment and wish you all the best of luck as you venture to find a home in Panhellenic like I did in Pi Phi.

All the best,

Amanda Wade

Vice President of Membership