Pi Beta Phi
Arizona State University
Recruitment Schedule

Round 1: August 25-26

Round 2: August 31st & September 1st

Round 3: September 2nd

Round 4: September 3rd

Bid Day: September 4th

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If you have any questions regarding Recruitment, feel free to contact our Vice President of Membership, Amanda Wade at azbetavpm@gmail.com

A Letter From Our Vice President of Membership:

As Vice President of Membership, I am in charge of making sure that chapter morale stays high. I ensure the chapter is being heard and recognized through the use of Angel of the Week and Arrow Board. Angel of the Week is a weekly award that goes out to one member of the chapter who has exemplified outstanding work or sisterhood in the chapter that week. Arrow Board is a group of four to five girls in the chapter who recognize the amazing things that our sisters are accomplishing everyday by announcing them in chapter. I also process resignations, meet with girls who are struggling in the chapter, and work with the new member coordinator and senior member coordinator in fulfilling their duties. The biggest part of my position on the executive board is probably planning formal recruitment in the fall. This is an important job because it will shape the future of Pi Beta Phi. I will do my very best to make recruitment a fun and organized process for the chapter as well as a bonding experience. The formal recruitment process brings together the whole chapter through lively recruitment workshops in the spring and polish week in the fall. As VPM, my goal is to boost the spirit of the chapter throughout the year and recruit respectful, classy women into the chapter who will exemplify all of Pi Phi’s values including integrity, lifelong commitment, honor and respect, personal and intellectual growth, philanthropic service to others, and sincere friendship.

All the best,

Krist Wysolmierski

Vice President of Membership